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Invitation to nominate for the Nordic Green Belt Eco Prize 2017

The Midnordic Committee announces every year a Midnordic Prize within environment and energy. The Nordic Green Belt is a common profile of cooperation for the Mid Nordic Region. It is built on a concept embracing the development of rural areas and industry as well as progress of environmental technology and energy systems. The purposes are:

- to encourage "green" initiatives and enterprises in the region
- to strengthen the ecological profile of the Mid Nordic region

An ecological profile will be favorable for enterprises and industry competing in the business market.

Theme for 2017 environmental prize is the circular economy. The Midnight Committee wishes to support activities based on 1) business symbioses and 2) new business models ex. Within the sharing economy, renting etc. However, all good examples and activities on the subject of circular economy within the Middle Nordic Region are welcomed to the nomination process.

More information about the circular economy theme can be found below. The prize will stimulate the prize winner to continue the work / commitment. In order to contribute to the profile of the region, the work of the prize-winner must also be known in a wider circle. The prizes can be awarded to anyone in Mid Nordic regions, both individuals and organizations and companies. However, it is not allowed to nominate yourself. The aim of the prize is to encourage prize-taker to continue their work, thus encouraging others in the Mid Nordic region to promote sustainable energy solutions.

The prize is 30 000 Swedish kronor and is being distributed on Åre Sustainability Summit 22-23 Sep. Åre Sustainability Summit is an open gathering where business, public, public sector, academy and decision makers meet for lectures and discussions on sustainability issues in a wide range of topics. See the guidelines and the nomination form for further information below.

Proposals for prize winners in the field of circular economy should be submitted by 30 June 2017. Please send your nomination to office manager Romana Culjak


Romana Culjak

Landstinget Västernorrland
SE-87185 Härnösand

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