The Mid Nordic Region

EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region — the views of the Mid Nordic


The Mid Nordic Committee welcomes the initiative by E.U. membership countries together with
the EU-Commission to adopt a strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. It is of importance that the
strategy takes its starting point in sustainable growth and prioritizes social, economical and
environmental sustainable policy that promotes regional competitiveness and employment.
The E.U. policy for the Northern Dimension is a good example of successful cross-boarder
cooperation. The Northern Dimension aims to increase EU commitment to northern Europe as a macro region as well as the cooperation between countries in the region.

The Mid Nordic Committee points out its commitment to the realization of the Northern Dimension and presupposes that it will be incorporated in the coming Baltic Sea Strategy. It is also important that the strategy will have financial muscles in the stage of implementation.

The Mid Nordic Committee has for a long time worked to develop and strengthen the Mid Nordic
Regions.We would like to express some specific conditions within the Mid Nordic Region that are
important to take into consideration in the process of adapting the strategy.

The Mid Nordic Region is an important gateway that connects the west of Europe with the east. The Mid Nordic Committee has for many years focused on to strengthen both inter-regional and
international cross-going communications within theMid Nordic transport corridor. To promote
regional and cross-boarder cooperation in benefit of increased growth and welfare well-functioning communications for people and goods are of outmost importance. Continuing efforts are needed to remove existing obstacles for closer boarder cooperation.

The Mid Nordic Committee would also like to point out the necessity of a strategy that supports
sustainable development in all parts of the Baltic Sea.
Finally the Committee would like to express the need for a continuing close cooperation between the Commission as responsible of the strategy and the local and regional level. The Mid Nordic Committee would therefore like to offer its participation in the continuing process of adopting the strategy.

This statement has been sent to the governments in Finland, Norway and Sweden, as well as to the European Commission.

Gunnar Viken
Chairman of the Midnordic Committe

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