The Mid Nordic Region


form, design and crafts from the Mid Nordic region

— Culture Conference 9 —10 March 2012 Östersund

Designers, craftsmen, artisans, creators, officials and politicians!
Form, design and crafts are the themes of this year´s Mid Nordic cultural event held in
Östersund, County of Jämtland, Sweden, 9—10 March 2012. The conference provides
an arena for artistic and inter-regional knowledge and experience, gives an opportunity
for creators to broaden their networks and markets, as well as to strengthen
their brands.

Lectures, workshops, exhibitions and excursions!
The Conference aims to, with heritage in mind, bring us towards the future.
During the conference the Gregorie Market is held in Östersund. The Gregorie
Market has its roots in the Viking Age and has been Jämtland´s most important
market for centuries.
The Mid Nordic committee award their two cultural prizes at the conference,
a youth/children´s prize and a thematic cultural award.



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