The Mid Nordic Region

Hopes, dreams and demands from youth councils in the Midnordic region

Statement from Youth Councils in the Midnordic region

This statementPDF is a result of a joint seminar between Midnordic youth councils - held on 23-24 of April 2010 in Vasa.

Youth Councils in the Midnordic region
• demand youth democracy and wish that politicians would listen to young people and take youth seriously

• want that youth are included in decisions that affect them

• wish cooperation between youth councils, both nationally and internationally.
The youth councils dream of a collective society and that Nordic countries would work together for the rights and welfare of young people.

• demand also funding and resources for youth activities. The youth are worried about the constant reduction of youth and culture budgets.

The youth councils also wish that young people can help out in making the Midnordic region a better place, in general and especially for young people. The youth also hope environmental and climate-friendly actions in the region.
And in order to improve the living conditions of youth and get their voice and opinions heard, there should be youth councils in every municipality.

The Midnordic Youth Network has been established in 2009 and the aim is to create a long-term sustainable cooperation among young people in the Midnordic region.  
The purpose of the Mid Nordic Youth Network is to give young people experience of international cooperation but also qualifications on an individual level, for the host region and for the Mid Nordic Committee.