The Mid Nordic Region

Improving competitiveness demands better infrastructure

Statement by Mid Nordic Committee 3 November 2011

The Mid Nordic Committee recently organised a seminar about east-west traffic and transportation connections under the title “national investments from an international perspective". The need for infrastructure investments in the Mid Nordic Region was discussed as part of the programme. The Committee decided, regarding the seminar, to deliver the following statement to the national infrastructure authorities in the region:


  • The Mid Nordic Committee supports the initiative by South and North Tröndelag fylkeskommunes and Jämtland Regionförbundet to establish an association which aims to speed up the actions for electrifying the Meråker track and to quickly allocate investment funds for the project in national plans. The initiators aim to find funds for the project as advance investments in Norway and to implement the project during 2015. These are seen as necessary actions for improving railway transportation between Norway and Sweden.


  • The triangular rail track in Sweden´s Sundsvall, "Bergsåkerstriangeln", is very important to Mid Nordic transportation as well as to the functionality of Ostkustbanan/Ådalsbanan (East Coast Line/Ådalen Line) which runs through Sundsvall. This investment is also important from the viewpoint of social economics with present value ratio of +2.9 %. Therefore, the Mid Nordic Committee states that the triangular rail track should be regarded as more important in the investment plans than it is now.


  • The basic repairs on the Seinäjoki-Kaskinen railway is a necessary prerequisite for creating a continuous transport corridor in the Mid Nordic Region. Investing in the road between Multia and Myllymäki on Highway 18 is also important in order to secure functional cross-connections and for supporting the living conditions and growth of the region. Therefore, the Mid Nordic Committee supports the initiative by Kaskinen for absorbing the railway investments into the state´s budget next year and for starting road investments in Central Finland as soon as possible.

The Mid Nordic Committee feels it is essential that the above-mentioned investments are implemented during the next few years so that the Mid Nordic Region can be assured of a consistent, functional infrastructure. The importance of this matter is highlighted by the forthcoming sulphur directive, which will change the transportation routes of the Baltic Region.

More information from:
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Chairman of Midnordic Committee
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Jon Hillgren
Director of Midnordic Committe
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