The Mid Nordic Region

Join us at Midnordic Culture days 2010!

1-4 of July in Vikna, Norway

The theme of the year is Mid-Nordic lake-, river- and coast -culture. - A blue thread in the green belt."

The festival is a project initiated by the county council of Nord-Trøndelag in close cooperation with Vikna Commune and the Mid-Nordic-commites group of culture. A number of local and talented co-hosts are joining us in the programme.

The Culture days lasts for four days, and starts at Hurtigrutas dag" 1st of July. This coincides with the opening of the Coast culture festival in Vikna .

We offer an exciting and memorable program. In addition to activities for the audience there will be seminars especially tailored for the Mid-Nordic Culture days participants.

We have room for 10 participants from each of the 7 regions of the Mid-Nordic area, and we look forward to a meeting between people from the middle of Finland in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west.

Further information:
Clas Rønning, Department of Culture, North Trøndelag County Municipality,
phone: +47 74 11 11 54, cell: +47 92 44 06 24

ProgrammePDF (in Norwegian)