The Mid Nordic Region

Midnordic Culture Awards 2011

The Midnordic Committe calls every year nominations for 2 culture awards in order to stimulate engagement and further work within culture.

In year 2011 the theme of the Midnordic Culture Days is Young Culture and the awards are granted according to the theme.

1) The award can be granted to anyone in the Midnordic region, both private persons, groups and organizations who have made great efforts within the above mentioned theme (youth culture) or

2) to a young person (under 26 years old) who has made a positive impact within culture for youth and children.

Both awards are worth 30 000 SEK.
The awards will be handed out at Midnordic Youth Festival on 18th-19th August 2011 in Trondheim.

The nominations must be delivered to Midnordic Committe Office by 15th of March 2011.

Nomination forms:
- thematic awardWord
- award for young personWord

Additional information on prizes and nominations:
Mr. Jon Hillgren, Director of Midnordic Committe, jon.hillgren(at)