The Mid Nordic Region

Statement for the Laitaatsalmi railway bridge

The Midnordic Committee has given following statement on 23rd of September 2014:

The Laitaatsalmi railway bridge in Savonlinna is a part of the Midnordic Green Transport Corridor and local shipping route, but is now threatened to be cut out from an original shipping transport plan and the deep-water channel of Laitaatsalmi. Only a couple of years ago the railway track between Savonlinna and Huutokoski was repaired with about 40 million euros, and now the saving for not repairing the bridge would be 12 million euros.

The Midnordic Committee and its partnership resists the planned cutback and demands that the repairment of the bridge is returned to the transport plan as originally. The cutback would compromise the development of the Midnordic Green Transport Corridor, and is nor supporting the European goals to strenghten the railway transports.

There are eg. several planned projects within forestry in Finland which support the need of a functional east-west railway network. According to recent studies also the upcoming sulphur directive will have an impact on transport routes eg. in Finland and the alternative east-west transport routes have potential to become more essential, eg. for forestry transports.

More detailed information in the Finnish version of this statement.PDF