The Mid Nordic Region

Winners of the Midnordic Film Pitch Prize

12 great projects from Sweden, Finland and Norway competed for the great Mid Nordic Film Prize of 8000 Euro or second prize of 3500 Euro.

The jury finally agreed on their choices, and the winner of Mid Nordic Film Pitch 2014 was: Gunnar Hall Jensen from Västernorrland with his documentary “Ice fishers from Syria”. The second prize, the jurys special mention of 3500 Euro, was handed out to our friends in Central Finland; Seija Hakkarainen and Oskar Repo with their project “World X”. Congratulations!

A Mid Nordic Film Pitch is an arena for filmmakers and a competition where each country in the network picked out three filmprojects each to a pitch competition at Minimalen International shortfilmfestival in Trondheim in March 2014.

The 12 competing projects from the Midnordic region were:
1. Camilla Wolgers "Att älska Vattudalen" (SE), To Love Vattudalen, a documentary by Camilla wolgers, 20 min
2. Clara Bodén "Yvas" documentary, 13 min (SE)
3. Anna Erlandsson "Casata Passionata" animation 4-5 min. (SE)
4. Astrid Thorvaldsen – ”Inntrengeren” (NO)
5. Jøran Wærdahl/Magnus Aspli – Dissapearing Darlings, puppet animation (NO)
6. Gjermund Gisvold – Spring for livet (NO)
7. Gunnar Hall Jensen ”Ice fishers from Syria” (SE)
8. Jonathan Norberg "Nej men hej, älskling" (Oh hello sweety) (SE)
9. Louise Åslund and Sara Wikstrøm “Jag har alltid haft en vild Fantasi” (translation: "I've always had a wild Imagination") (SE)
10. Noora Kytöharju, A Nation Divided, 22min (FI)
11. Martin Karlsson, ”Grief”, 28 min (FI)
12. Seija Hakkarainen & Oskar Repo , World X, 22min (FI)

More information about Minimalen Film Festival: link, opens in new window