The Mid Nordic Region

Youth in Hell -conference 22-25 January 2012 in Hell, Trondheim

The Council of Children and Youth in North Trøndelag (NTBUR) will host an international youth conference on democracy in Hell, North Trøndelag. The conference is called Youth in Hell.

During 4 days in North Trøndelag 80 young people and politicians from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Great Britain, Spain and Portugal will work together to agree on a number of goals and measures on how to improve young people´s influence in society and how to increase young people´s participation in society.

The theme of the project will be democracy and youth democracy in particular. The topics that will be debated are:
- How to improve young people´s influence in society?
- How to increase young people´s participation in society?

The concept is taken from the annual youth conference in North Trøndelag which for the last 10 years has gathered young people and politicians to discuss and agree upon aims and priorities for the politics in the region. Youth in Hell will be the same - young people and politicians meet to discuss important issues within youth democracy through active process work.

Through this project we hope to exchange experiences on youth democracy and to find advice and recommendations to the above questions — a result that will be spread European wide!

The conference is part-financed by the Youth in Action -programme.

See program. PDF