Renewable energy and clean tech - Tools for Regional development

Climate and environmental affairs are a top priority in the Mid Nordic Region, as well as receiving high priority at an EU level. These topics are on the agenda of the forthcoming Swedish presidency of the EU.

During the Swedish EU presidency, the County Administrative Boards and County Councils of Jämtland and Västernorrland together with the Mid Nordic Committee will organise a conference on the theme of “Renewable energy and clean-tech — Tools for Regional Development" in Östersund, on 20—21 July, followed by technical visits in the two counties.

The conference´s target groups are decision-makers, officials, entrepreneurs and SMEs in the field of regional development, renewable energy and clean-tech. The purpose of the conference is to agree on a position document containing concrete proposals for boosting local, regional, national and European sustainable regional development through innovation in renewable energies and clean technology. This document will be communicated to the informal EU Council meeting in Åre on the 23—24 July.

keynote speakers at the conference are Commissioner Danuta Hübner and Göran Carstedt, who is involved with the Clinton Climate Initiative. Speakers from the OECD and politicians from different European regions will also participate.

Conference website: toiselle sivustolle, avautuu uuteen ikkunaan

For additional information please contact Director Jon Hillgren.